Wild Rift 5.0 Update
Wild Rift 5.0 Update

Wild Rift 5.0 Update brings a new champion Syndra, the Wild Pass, and exciting features:

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Exciting news for Wild Rift enthusiasts—the much-anticipated 5.0 Update has finally arrived, ushering in a wave of fresh content and thrilling features. Among the highlights are the introduction of the new champion Syndra, the debut of an all-new Wild Pass, and the commencement of Ranked Season 12. Let’s dive into the chaos and festivities that await in the updated realm of Wild Rift.

Syndra, the Dark Sovereign Emerges

Stepping into the spotlight is Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, a formidable Ionian mage with a tragic yet captivating lore. Her journey from a restrained child to an unstoppable force embodies her unyielding spirit and raw power. With the ability to manipulate dark spheres of energy, Syndra promises to obliterate any foe daring to challenge her might. As players explore her abilities and potential impact on the battlefield, be sure to stay updated with Wild Rift’s tier lists for the latest champion rankings.

A New Breed of Ally: Companions

Joining the ranks of Wild Rift are the newly introduced Companions, designed to uplift players’ spirits during battle. With 29 unique Companions, including Dragonhorn and Fluffiee, every skirmish feels like an adventure with a trusted friend by your side.

Culinary Chaos with the Wild Pass

No Wild Rift update would be complete without the signature Wild Pass, and the 5.0 update introduces the Food Spirits Veigar theme. Embark on a gastronomic quest to unlock the Ascended Food Spirits Veigar skin and other delightful rewards, adding a touch of culinary magic to your victories.

Ranked Season 12: A Glorious Affair

Prepare for competitive glory as Ranked Season 12 commences, offering exclusive rewards such as the regal Glorious Crown Xin Zhao skin. Players can also look forward to the return of Glorious Armada Twisted Fate, showcasing suave and refined aesthetics.

Join the Revelry

With the 5.0 update, Wild Rift invites players to join a festive battleground where new legends are forged and excitement knows no bounds. Whether you’re drawn to champion lore, the charm of companions, or the thrill of competitive play, the latest patch offers endless opportunities for adventure. Simply download Wild Rift for free on your preferred platform and prepare to conquer the rift—will you rise as its Sovereign

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