Best PS5 Controllers
Best PS5 Controllers

The Ultimate Guide to the Best PS5 Controllers in 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, controllers play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience. With the advent of the PlayStation 5, Sony introduced innovative features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, revolutionizing the way players interact with their games. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best PS5 controllers available in 2024, catering to diverse gaming preferences and needs.

Understanding PS5 Controller Innovation

Two groundbreaking features define the PlayStation 5 controller: adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Adaptive triggers dynamically adjust resistance based on in-game scenarios, enhancing immersion and realism. Haptic feedback provides nuanced tactile sensations, allowing players to feel the game world like never before.

Best Overall: Sony DualSense

Best PS5 Controllers

The Sony DualSense stands as the epitome of PS5 controller excellence. Boasting adaptive triggers, a touchpad, haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone, the DualSense offers a multifaceted gaming experience. Its seamless integration with the PS5 system and games enhances gameplay immersion. While slightly heavy with a relatively short battery life, the DualSense remains a reliable choice for most players.

Best Pro: Sony DualSense Edge

Best PS5 Controllers

For competitive gamers seeking unparalleled customization and performance, the Sony DualSense Edge emerges as the ultimate choice. Featuring changeable stick caps, adjustable trigger lengths, and mappable back buttons, the DualSense Edge offers extensive gameplay customization. Its modular design allows for easy repairs and personalization, catering to the needs of serious gamers.

Best Pro Alternative: PDP Victrix Pro BFG

Best PS5 Controllers

The PDP Victrix Pro BFG presents a compelling alternative for gamers prioritizing modularity and customization. With swappable controller face elements and adjustable triggers, the Victrix Pro offers versatility and comfort. While lacking adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, its customizable design appeals to a niche audience seeking tailored gaming experiences.

Best Fight Stick: HORI Fighting Stick Alpha

Best PS5 Controllers

Dedicated to enthusiasts of fighting games, the HORI Fighting Stick Alpha delivers an authentic arcade experience. Featuring a classic arcade layout and high-quality components, the Fighting Stick Alpha excels in precision and performance. While limited to fighting games, its lightweight construction and customizable features make it a top choice for competitive fighters.

Best Accessibility: PlayStation Access

Best PS5 Controllers

Designed to empower gamers with physical disabilities, the PlayStation Access embodies inclusivity and innovation. Offering customizable controls and 360-degree orientation, the Access enables individuals to enjoy gaming with comfort and ease. Its compatibility with other controllers further expands accessibility, making gaming a welcoming experience for all.

Best Remote Play: BACKBONE One

Best PS5 Controllers

Enabling seamless Remote Play on mobile devices, the BACKBONE One transforms smartphones into gaming consoles. With analog sticks, triggers, and face buttons, the BACKBONE One offers console-like controls on the go. While lacking in weight and comfort compared to Sony-made alternatives, its integration with PlayStation’s Remote Play app enhances mobile gaming experiences.

Best Accessory: PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

Best PS5 Controllers

Simplify your gaming setup with the PlayStation DualSense Charging Station. Offering remote charging for two controllers, the Charging Station keeps your controllers organized and ready for action. Its compact design and affordable price make it an essential accessory for multiplayer gaming sessions.

Best Case: SCUF Universal Controller Protection Case

Best PS5 Controllers

Protect your valuable controllers with the SCUF Universal Controller Protection Case. Featuring a durable hardshell construction and soft lining, the SCUF Case ensures your controllers remain safe during transport. While lacking in color options, its universal compatibility makes it a versatile choice for gamers across platforms.

Best Value: Sony DualSense

Best PS5 Controllers

Delivering unparalleled performance at an affordable price point, the Sony DualSense reigns supreme as the best value PS5 controller. With access to next-gen features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, the DualSense offers exceptional gaming experiences. While facing minor issues like stick drift and short battery life, its overall value surpasses competitors in the market.


In the dynamic landscape of gaming, controllers serve as the gateway to immersive experiences. From innovative features to customizable designs, the best PS5 controllers cater to diverse gaming preferences and needs. Whether seeking competitive edge or accessibility, these controllers redefine gaming excellence in 2024. Embrace the future of gaming with the perfect PS5 controller that suits your style and enhances your gameplay journey.

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