The best guitar tuners for classical, electric and acoustic guitars in 2024

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Guitar tuners come in many different forms, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. As an audio engineer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist, I have decades of experience playing the guitar

How we picked the best guitar tuners


Accurate pitch detection is the most important feature of any good guitar tuner, and almost all of the tuners on this list operate with a maximum margin of error of 1 percent. In other words, expect these tuners to provide pitch accuracy down to a tenth of a cent, or a thousandth of the distance between two notes. The only exception is my value pick, the Snark ST-8, which is a great tuner but has no published accuracy readings.


Although tuners are not the most expensive instruments available, they are still an essential piece of equipment for any guitarist. Therefore, it’s best to avoid underusing the tuner if you want a fast and accurate readout that won’t let you down in professional settings. This list includes some of the most reliable, powerful, and flexible options on the market that are priced within the reach of the average user.

Finally, the Roadie 3, my smart tuner, tunes my guitars automatically, so it’s in a class of its own.

The best guitar tuners: reviews and recommendations

Whether you’re a musician on the road or just want to share their music with friends, one of our picks is bound to rock your world – or wherever you play your guitar.

Best Overall: Peterson Strobustomp HD

WHY IT MADE THE CUT: This guitar tuner pedal features a huge, easy-to-read display and precision accurate to a tenth of a cent in pitch.


  • Accuracy: ±0.1 cent
  • Weight: 13.9 oz
  • Power Type: 9V DC power supply (sold separately), 9V battery (included)


  • Bright, accurate display for high-precision tuning
  • 135 “local” presets compensate for the natural contrasts of instruments
  • Accommodates orchestral and other stringed instruments


  • LCD displays’ visibility is limited to direct angles
  • Requires connection to the tool

Peterson’s StroboStomp HD is a classic box tuner with professional features like switchable tuning modes and an incredibly bright LCD display that can be seen in direct sunlight. Pitch detection is accurate to a tenth of a cent, or approximately 1/1000 of the distance between two adjacent pitches, allowing users to achieve one of the most precise tuning experiences possible. Unlike tuners that use a moving needle or other linear display system to guide users’ pitch, this tuner uses a powerful display that rotates like a carousel, alternating its Because the rugged designs allow for precise pitch control and high-precision tracking, this design is more suitable for achieving fine tuning than traditional interfaces.

Best for theatrical performances: Boss TU3

Why it made the cut: Don’t be surprised when you find this tuner on stage with your favorite guitarists. This classic tuner is an industry favorite for its durability and illuminated features.


  • Accuracy: ±0.1 cent
  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Power type: 9V DC power supply, 9V battery


  • Built-in
  • easy to use
  • Comes with LED lights


  • Huge compared to other options
  • There are not many additional features

The Boss TU3 can be found on the pedalboards of touring guitarists all over the world, and for good reason. Click to set and it will mute the signal so you don’t have to fiddle with your instrument’s volume knob. This version also sports features like a high-brightness mode for outdoor playing, so you can easily see the 21-segment red and green LEDs in all their glory. If you are looking for durability and simplicity, look no further.

Best pedal: TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini

Why I made this cut: The Polytune 3 Mini is incredibly compact and provides polyphonic tuning at a glance, eliminating the need to tune one string at a time.


  • Accuracy: ±0.02 cents (Strobe mode), ±0.1 cents (Chromatic mode)
  • Weight: 5.6 oz
  • Power Type: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)


  • Ultra-small form factor saves space on pedalboards
  • Simultaneously displays scores from multiple series at a glance
  • Built-in buffer circuit conditions indication for larger pedal settings


  • No battery power
  • Power supply is not included
  • Requires direct connection to the tool
  • TC Electronics Po

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