Multiplayer in Palworld
Multiplayer in Palworld

Mastering Multiplayer in Palworld

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With over 8 million copies sold on Steam and over 1 million on Xbox, Palworld has emerged as a gaming sensation. Yet to try out the multiplayer mode? Let’s walk you through the basics! While Palworld remains in early access, eager players can grab a copy from either the Xbox or Steam Store.


Before we dive into the multiplayer experience, here’s a snapshot of what you need to know:

  • Palworld is available on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass. (Mobile platforms are still in the pre-registration phase.)
  • To enjoy multiplayer with friends, you can either host your own Palworld party or join your friend’s group.
  • Remember, the maximum player capacity varies between Steam and Xbox. Steam Co-op online servers support up to 32 players, whereas Xbox Game Pass accommodates up to 4.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers can play for FREE! Other Xbox users can opt for a £12.99 monthly subscription or pay £1 for a 14-day trial. Alternatively, they can purchase the game for £24.99.
  • On the Steam store, Palworld is available at a discounted price of £22.49, a 10% discount!

How Much Is Palworld On Xbox and Steam

Here’s a breakdown of payment options for Palworld:

On Xbox

  • Enjoy Palworld for free with the Game Pass Ultimate at £12.99 monthly or a 14-day trial at £1.
  • Without an Xbox subscription, it’s £24.99

On Steam

  • Steam offers an introductory discount, pricing Palworld at £22.49, a 10% savings from the standard £24.99.
  • Whether you prefer subscriptions or one-time purchases, Palworld caters to all fans.

How to Play Palworld: Invite or Join?

Let’s explore the two ways to dive into Palworld:

  • Set up and host your own world, then invite friends using an invitation code.
  • Join your friend’s game world by entering their invitation code.

How to Set up a Palworld Multiplayer Server on Xbox/Steam?

To create and host your Palworld game world, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Palworld on PC and select “Join Multiplayer Game” from the main menu.

Multiplayer in Palworld

Step 2: Click “Create a new world” and enter your game world name.
Step 3: Customize your settings and toggle “Multiplayer” to “On.”

Multiplayer in Palworld

Step 4: Confirmation text will appear, confirming activation.
Step 5: Start your world, press “ESC,” and find the invite code under the “Options” tab. Share it with friends to join.

Multiplayer in Palworld

How to Join a Palworld Multiplayer Server on Xbox/Steam?

To join your friend’s group, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the game, navigate to the main menu, and click “Join Multiplayer Game.”

Multiplayer in Palworld

Step 2: Enter the invite code provided by your friend.

Multiplayer in Palworld

Step 3: Confirm and connect to the server, then start playing!

  • The Xbox version’s features are released later than the Steam version.
  • Steam offers a more private gaming experience for Palworld enthusiasts.

What Is Palworld?

Palworld offers a unique twist on the monster-catching genre, blending mature themes with survival elements. Developed by Pocket Pair, players find themselves on an alien planet, where they must befriend creatures known as Pals to survive. Navigate a hostile environment, gather resources, construct shelters, and explore a vast, mysterious world. Equipping Pals with weaponry, intricate crafting, and online co-op play add layers of excitement, making Palworld an unforgettable adventure.

Multiplayer in Palworld

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