Arknights 4th Anniversary
Arknights 4th Anniversary

Arknights 4th Anniversary with a thrilling update featuring

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Embark on a journey of celebration with Arknights’ 4th Anniversary Update, inviting commanders to join the ‘So Long Adele’ event from January 16 to February 13, showcasing four dynamic new operators set to redefine gameplay.

Meet the Vanguard of New Operators:

Eyjafjalla, the Hvít Aska: A resilient 6-star Caster Operator specializing in Elemental Damage negation and ally health restoration.
Swire, the Elegant Wit: A versatile 6-star Specialist Operator equipped with intelligent support skills and a unique Big Spendthrift ability.
Poncirus: A sturdy 5-star Vanguard Operator capable of blocking two enemies and bolstering max HP with the ‘Demolition Team’s Code’ talent.
Bryophyta: A strategic 5-star Guard Operator offering a vital DEF buff to nearby melee Operators with her ‘Cautious and Calculated’ talent.

Dive into Festivities and Rewards:

  • Explore event stages like ‘A Holiday at the Hot Spring’ and ‘Treasure Hunting in Siesta’ for generous rewards.
  • Complete Dolly’s Task List and triumph in Siestan Fashion Street battles to claim your prizes.
  • Visit the White Volcano event shop for exclusive rewards, including the ‘Trip to the White Volcano’ furniture and elite materials.

Enjoy Daily Login Rewards:

  • Partake in the Cloudtop Lucid Dream headhunting banner for a free roll each day.
  • Collect a free 10x headhunting permit until January 30 for added celebration.

Experience Chic Wardrobe Expansions:

Discover new outfits for Gavial the Invincible, Goldenglow, and Myrtle, alongside the return of the coveted Re-Edition series outfits.

Arknights’ 4th Anniversary Update celebrates its captivating saga, blending strategic gameplay with immersive storytelling. Commanders worldwide are invited to embrace the festivities, celebrating the power, strategy, and community that unite under the vast sky of Arknights. Join the ‘So Long Adele’ event and embark on another chapter of tactical brilliance!

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