2024 LEGO Fortnite expansion
2024 LEGO Fortnite expansion

2024 LEGO Fortnite expansion, teasing a new weapon grade and an array of exciting features.

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LEGO Fortnite, a standout in the world of Fortnite gaming, has captured players’ imaginations with its unique survival gameplay, rivaling the popularity of the Battle Royale mode.

While LEGO Fortnite has been a hit for its fun gameplay, updates have been somewhat scarce on fresh content. However, Epic Games seems poised to change that with a slew of updates on the horizon.

Excited for the 2024 LEGO Fortnite update? Here’s what we know so far:

When is the 2024 LEGO Fortnite update?

The release date for the 2024 LEGO Fortnite update has yet to be officially announced by Epic Games. However, leaks from reputable sources like ShiinaBR suggest a potential rollout on January 23, 2024.

All 2024 Fortnite LEGO Update News So Far

While not officially confirmed by Epic Games, various leaks on Twitter have hinted at exciting features for the upcoming 2024 LEGO Fortnite update:

Peddling Traders:

New merchant NPCs called Traders might offer item and resource exchanges within LEGO Fortnite, including building materials, edibles, and miscellaneous resources.

Rift Weapon Tier:

A new “Rift” tier is in the works, featuring items like the Rift Sword, Rift Hammer, and Rift Recurve Crossbow, promising a unique Fortnite experience.

Tier 5 LEGO Fortnite items:

Expect rugged and durable tools like the Rift Sword, Iron Axe, Titanium Shovel, and Titanium Pickaxe to elevate the building and battling experience.

Expanded Creature Roster:

Look forward to encountering new fauna and adversaries, enriching the ecosystem of LEGO Fortnite.

DIY Zipline System:

The Zipline Pole will allow players to create their own Zipline network for swift navigation across the map.


Craft and use the Catapult weapon to demolish structures from a distance.


A Compass feature aims to simplify direction-finding and navigation in LEGO Fortnite.

Food Options:

New consumable items and potions like cookies, pies, mushrooms, and apple juice will grant special abilities.

Stud Gun:

A versatile, fully automatic assault rifle for various combat situations.


The BaseBow, an advancement over traditional crossbows, enhances offensive capabilities.

Gravity Gun:

Grab and hurl items toward targets with the Gravity Gun, available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary editions.

LEGO Fortnite Stuff:

Themes like “LEGO Titan Nightmare Shark Vessel” and “Eternal Rest Graveyard” promise intriguing additions.

These are just some of the anticipated features in the 2024 LEGO Fortnite update. Stay tuned for more updates on Fortnite LEGO news from APKPure.

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